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PincodeAccess offers a billing method that is secure and simple for any end user.

When using our payment solution you will get access to content on the Internet by using a telephone connection. This only happens after the consumer rate is shown so you will know what the price is going to be when you pick up your phone.

Our payment solution works for any Internet connection and in any Browser. If you want to stop watching the provided content, simply disconect the call.

Access is provided by calling a premium rate service number and after entering a five digit personal pincode with the keys of your phone. Your IP address will be given access to a secure server for the duration of the call or for a certain period of time.

All costs made will be charged on your phone bill provided by your telecom operator. You will pay a fixed rate per minute, per SMS or per call, for the time you use our service.

No software, no registration, no hassle. All secure, simple and discrete.




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